A Manson Family Creepy Crawl?

The following video is an alleged 1969 Manson Family creepy crawl. Certain aspects suggest it may be such, like the black cape one of the males is wearing, who appears possibly to be Manson. The Mansonoids at one time stole some video camera equipment which they were said to be using during this period. However, I don’t recognize any of the girls in this film right off hand. Any thoughts out there any of you Manson freaks?

~ by gorightly on January 14, 2009.

15 Responses to “A Manson Family Creepy Crawl?”

  1. Yeah it looks like them! Shit that is freaky.
    What are opinions about what drugs they were on. I have been communicating with people on Thomas Szasz’s Yahoo group, to see what their view are about psychedelic therapy.
    Well, they straightraway started quoting from Szas’z chapter about LSD therapists, etc like Leary, Laing etc. So I got to read the chapter at Scrib, or it might be google books (some pages are edited from preview). But he seems a bit down on LSD, especially Laing and leary, and he mentions Charles Manson using LSD which—well you know.
    NOW, I remember reading Robert Anton Wilson claim that the Charles Manson family also tool ‘solonaecous’ drugs…? Which include i think, Henbane, Datura…And Wilson further claims that these drugs, unlike the psychedelics, are truly hallucinatory in that you can see eg a polar bear sat in an archair wearing shades hallucinogenic
    Well we kinda know that Manson was into Scientology, I just wondered if you knoew about the drugs they were on too?

  2. sorry, forgot to mention the book the Szasz chapter is from in case you fancy takin a look. Its title is, Coercion as Cure

  3. The Mansonoids were mainly psychedelic, LSD, Mescaline, STP, and of course pot. There was also reported use of belladonna, which is similar to datura. There’s a famous mugshot of Tex under the influence of belladonna, when he was picked up, bombed out of his mind on the stuff, and could only communicate by making beep-beep-beep noises. Apparently he was attempting to communicate with the saucer people, or something like that….I don’t remember Wilson writing about the Mansonoids. What book was that in?

  4. I remember Wilson writing about belladonna in Sex & Drugs, one of his early books, and he may have mentioned Manson in connection. Leary has written about Manson a few times too, mostly from a cultural perspective as well as their one and only meeting in prison. He kind of equates Manson to a “trickster” archetype (which is how some people saw Leary, amusingly).

    I’ll say Susan Atkins at 0:28, maybe Mary Brunner at 0:40 and “glad that’s not my eyeball” at 0:58.

  5. I have Wilson’s Sex and Drugs, just been years since I read it…Yeah, Leary wrote about meeting Manson in prison at Vacaville, I think it was, in his book Flashbacks. Manson told Leary he couldn’t understand why he didn’t use acid to control people.

    I don’t know what you been smokin’, Emperor, but neither one of them gone gals looks like Atkins or Brunner to me. 🙂

  6. Yes I think it was Sex & Drugs, and I have just had a look and have seen one reference, but not that one about ‘solanaceae’, page vii.
    I haven’t got time to go through rest of pages, and there’s no index, but I am sure he further mentions about what I said above. But it is VERY interesting you back it up anyway.
    I should imagine they blitzed on drugs.
    I am very intersted how people could be made to be ‘psychotically
    evil’ on LSD. For my experience has been benevolent. However I have had experiences where I have felt WHAT it could be like to do bad things, because psychedelics of course open you up to all potentials of human and animal experience

    I have been very interested in the myth of Dionysos, who is quite a wild god, and representation of the magic mushroom. Known as the god of many names, and delightfully ambiguous regarding his sexuality–which attracted me.
    Now most scholars agree that part of their ancient rituals involves attacking a tethered animal with their TEETH. Ie., the ‘getting wild’….And some mythic tales have it that they roamed the countryside tearing to bits any bodies that got in their path.

    I have always struggled with this. Not because I am squeamish and what reality to be all Walt Disney (hmmmmmmm), but I am aware how others myths can be distorted by the ones who take them over? Which was the more rigid Orphic myth.

    But yes, very interested!

  7. Also, the Mansonoids dropped Orange Sunshine on the night of the LaBianca murders….

  8. Remember that 1960s video equipment was big, heavy, expensive, and used mainly in studios.

    If this is the Manson Family, it would have to be shot on some kind of home movie camera, such as Super 8 mm equipment, and transferred to video more recently. Possibly — perhaps — that is what you have here.

    That old 8 mm film was not as light-sensitive as modern video gear is either.

  9. Good god, where did you get this? It’s bizarre. Check with the guy who runs charliemanson.com. He’s well-connected and might be able to pin it down. Or, if you’re really committed to know, find out who’s defending Jeff MacDonald (crimelibrary.com might include that info in thier article on him). The rumbling is that his “freaked-out-hippie murderers” story might actually be true.

  10. it was not lsd.

    it was belladonna (datura)

  11. Not Manson family girls.

  12. Fake.

  13. This is not real manson family!

  14. I believe this comes from the lo budget movie The Manson Family Movies by John Aes-Nihil

  15. this is from a film about them.

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