Saucer Tales!

Friends and fellow kooks,

With the aid of Jim over at Libertas Media, we’re currently putting the finishing touches on an archive page of old Untamed Dimensions shows which can be found at:

To this end, I’ve cooked up a couple of special episodes called Saucer Tales, Parts 1 and 2, which feature UFO remembrances from the likes of myself, Chica Bruce, Kenn Thomas, Joe Hook, Jeremy Vaeni, Vyzygoth, Rev. Robert Short, Barbara Harris,  Mind Control surivivor Mauri, Donna The Raelian, Douglas Hawes, Eric Stewart, Kentroversy and Louise Lacey, compiled from old UD shows.

Just briefly, I’ll be posting this episode up at a free download file space so Big Jim at Libertas can do his magic with it, the link which is below if ya wanna hear the show.

Saucer Tales (Part 1)

You will notice this is a free downloading site, hence pics of naughty girls and penis ads, none of which I condone or approve of in any manner whatsoever! Eventually, Saucer Tales Parts 1 and 2 will be among the other archived episodes found at the Best Of UD page. Enjoy!


~ by gorightly on January 13, 2009.

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