Whatever Happened To Madman Marcum?


Listen to an old Art Bell interview with Madman Marcum.

More on the “Madman”  here.

~ by gorightly on December 31, 2008.

8 Responses to “Whatever Happened To Madman Marcum?”

  1. What a character. That was a great interview!

  2. Indeed! Madman Marcum, Mel’s Holse and Harlot the Witch were my fav Art Bell episodes, back in the day. I also have an interview he did with RAW that was pretty damn cool…

  3. Hey–do you happen to have a link or transcript of that Harlot the witch C2C interview that was transcribed by those ‘reverse speech’ people (that were also guests)?

  4. No, I never knew that those guys (John David Oates, was that his name??) did a reverse speech analysis on Harlot/Patsy…

    Now, give me that dinner tray!

  5. This is concerning “Madman Michael Marcum”. Please paste and copy
    to read: http://communities.anomalies.net/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/5125 Note: PLease scroll to the bottom. The final posting by “realeyes” will update for you. Also, At Youtube, there
    is a female subscriber who has the 2nd interview so that all can
    get updated on this, “As far as I’m concerned”, a successful guy.
    No replies please.

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  7. This is true I swear to god. the next day afetr i heard Mad man Marcum on Art Bell I called the phone number he gave out on the radio and he answered. Mad Man Marcum Answered. I recognized the voice. But I pussied out and hung up……..Josh Hansen Txt me with comments anytime 310-975-4119

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