In Homage To Mrs. Peel

~ by gorightly on December 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “In Homage To Mrs. Peel”

  1. What the heck?! Did she zip away this mortal coil? Anyway…nice to see her again…she was an icon of feminine wow in my youth.

  2. OK, you may or may not believe it. Knowing you I dont think it will stretch your imagination TOO much đŸ˜‰
    YEArrrrrssss ago when I was 15, I went to live in London to train in Dance. The guy who took me down got me a place I could stay shring this little flat in Chelsea with his friend–a woman.
    Well, one of her friends was Patrick McNee/Steeds doubles/stuntman, and it was he who turned me onto smoking cannabis! The first time I tried it I giggled So much I remember collapsing fully clotherd into bed, still giggling like a fool as I recall
    Life IS weird isn’t it? As kid I was fascinated with The Avengers, which was on on Saturday night. It had this surreal magical feel, and was a big reason I always wanted to checkout London–‘Swingin’ London haha

    Shit did I have a wake up call!

  3. Zayn, no Dianna Rigg has not shed the mortal coil. I just felt the time was ripe to give Emma Peel a shout-out…and Juliano, I don’t doubt one bit that Steed turned you on to the spliff. He seems like a cool hombre.

  4. No not Steed/Macnee. It was his stuntman double ;). The one who did all the action

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