Stormy Weather # 18: The Unwitting Sorcery of Adam Gorightly


This week AK chats with Adam Gorightly about Ufos, occult ritual, psi-ops and Charles Manson (pictured above, clean-cut). We discus the overlap between Ufology, occultism, and conspiracy, how Adam first wandered into the Chapel Perilous of paranoid awareness, the possibility of Manson being a patsy for a governmental psi-op designed to discredit the counterculture, directed energy weapons and spontaneous human combustion, and the difference between “historical revisionism” and parapolitical research.

~ by gorightly on December 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Stormy Weather # 18: The Unwitting Sorcery of Adam Gorightly”

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  2. Really enjoyed this interview. And I feel close to your wavelength Adam. Especially where you say how not to throw out baby with bathwater because you dont agree with ALL of what someone says.

    I would like an aswer to this question: IS it true, and/or is there any evidence that Charles Manson was into Scientology, and this could explain the hlod he had over his Family. I have been reading an article very recently about that, and am at same time deeply pondering the role Scientology is playing with the movement which exposes the mental illness myth. Ie., it is clear that Scientology’s involvement discredits the movement, because like the ‘trigger-term’ is intended to do same for those investigating the elit’s role in the matric, eg ‘conspiracy theorist!” so it seems for those wanting to speak out against bio-psychiatry where you get called ‘scientologist!”

    Also about UFOs. I was really interested in your experiences and your theories of their connection with magical rituals. I am just coming to the end of a fascinating book called, Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld, by Patrick Harpur. And his position is that these events, which include UFOs, abductions are connected to other ‘Otherworldly’ experiences through our past, and present which can be BOTH substantial and yet also insubstantial, and are Tricksterish by nature

    What fascinates about all this is how your ideas can fit into that, and also we can have the idea that there are covert operations going actually on whereby secret above top secret is being used in plain sight, BUT there has been made a myth about these craft being real, but belonging to ETs, and ‘leaks’ that governments have met and even worked with ETs. This is called ‘the alien agenda’–(please checkout in its UFO section, and make sure you listen to interview with Rik Clay!!!
    So this is SOME big mthafkin rabbit hole right? lol

  3. Juliano, thanks for the shout out….and yes indeed, there is a lot of evidence regarding Charlie’s involvement in Scientology, which I detail in my manson book, The Shadow Over Santa Susana…Charlie studied Scientology in prison, receiving training from a former Hubbard disciple named Lanier Rayner. During this period, Charlie allegedly graduated to the level of theta clear, the highest level in Scientology. Later, after his ’67 prison release, rumor has it he visited Scientology headquarters in L.A., and even attended an event at the Scientology Celebrity Center there. During the Spahn Ranch raid, Scientology materials were discovered, and I have also heard that they had an e-meter at the ranch…

    I will check out the link and book you suggest re: UFO’s and ritual magic. Thanks for reading and listening.


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