Gram Parsons’ Groovy Ghost?

21 Grams?

21 Grams?

~ by gorightly on December 21, 2008.

15 Responses to “Gram Parsons’ Groovy Ghost?”

  1. He’s a devil in disguise/I can see it in his eyes! 🙂

  2. There is a suggestion of a face. Using the smaller bright spot of the reflection as a guide, the eyes and hairline are directly above it, and that small bright spot is centered on the nose. If you are viewing it on a laptop, tilting the screen accordingly helps to see it better. There also is some kind of subtle rectangle shape surrounding/framing the area (not the door–a smaller rectangle around the ‘ghost’ and bright flash reflection.)
    Also, as I was looking at it again, tilting the screen, there is yet another facial image, kind of overlapping the one I originally saw. It’s tilted slightly to the viewer’s right, and can be seen my tilting the screen down a bit. In this one, the bright flash makes up most of the cheek areas.

  3. I want good ghost pictures, but alas that’s nearly impossible nowadays. Anything is possible with photo editing software. Not that YOU would do anything like that…

    Perhaps the dumber-appearing ones are now the real article, since hoaxsters would want the image to jump out at people.

  4. Richelle, you have better eyes than I…you are probably more psychically attuned, as well!

    Spacebrethren, how dare you suggest I would hoax anything! You are one to speak. I remember a certain UFO hoax SOMEONE perpetrated while certain others were starting to experience John Allegro type visions.

    Mike, I have no idea what you’re talking about but I assume it is a line from some Gram Parsons song.

  5. this ain’t no hoax the hippy that took this picture didn’t even have a flash much less some type of photo editing software.

  6. I understand, Dave. I wouldn’t expect a hippy to know how to operate a flash on a camera, let alone photo editing software…Besides, if the photo was faked, you’d think someone (hippies excluded) could come up with something more convincing… However, Richelle — who’s opinion I value (not to say that I don’t value hippies opinions) — was able to make something out on the door, as did one other person who responded to the poll. However, the majority of folks (14, thus far) have voted that they can’t see jack, except for two people who think that Gram Parsons is the one playing the guitar. Go figure…

  7. Poll results thus far:

    1) Yes, I see him on the door. 11% (2 votes)

    2) Maybe…to the left of the tassel in the window. 0% (0 votes)

    3) That”s him playing guitar, silly! 11% (2 votes)

    4) No, I don”t see jackshit. 79% (15 votes)

  8. even though the poll doesn’t see what i see. i sure have had fun with this thanks adam, you have a great site with other interesting pics.

  9. Thanks for the shout out, Dave…happy holidays, Adam

  10. Um. There must be something wrong with my ol’ Swedish eyes. I don’t see jack shit. 😦

  11. You don’t see eyes and a hairline above the little bulbousy lights on the door there? Maybe I’ll try to enhance it in photoshop.

  12. No, not in the slightest…of course, I don’t have the best eyes in the world…but even with my reading glasses firmly in place, I see nada…

  13. maybe he needs to see a picture of gram , because its very obvious, kind of a semi profile.

  14. You know, it’s weird, but at last I did see a hairline and eyes come into focus on the door, but I guess you could attribute that to the power of suggestion by way of Richelle…however, the eyes and hairline looked more like Sherman Hensley to me than Gram Parsons…

  15. I actually don’t even know what gram parsons looks like. But, I thought it looked a bit like Lucille Ball in The Lucy Show years.

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