Ottis Toole: Manchurian Candidate?

A couple days ago, news came across the wires that the murder case of Adam Walsh — son of John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted — had been solved, and a “serial killer” charged with the crime. However, I neglected at the time to look into the details of the story and it was only yesterday that I learned that the killer in question was none other than the late Ottis Toole, killing partner of infamous serial murderer Henry Lee Lucas, who claimed membership in a Satanic cult called the “Hand of Death”. According to Lucas, he and Toole in the late 70’s and early 80’s worked as contract killers for the cult, which was involved in drug dealing, murder-for-hire and smuggling children into Mexico. Curiously enough, the only death sentence commuted during George W. Bush’s watch as Texas Governor was in the Lucas case. Why Dubya spared the life of this notorious serial killer is still a matter of conjecture, as before and after he used an iron hand enforcing the Texas state death penalty. During Dubya’s tenure, no less than one hundred and thirty death row inmates were executed. Lucas’s partner, Toole — who was convicted of murder in Florida — had his own death sentence commuted by Dubya’s brother, Jeb. It’s a small world after all…

Partners In Crime

Lucas & Toole: Partners In Crime

Supposedly responsible for several hundred murders, this dynamic duo, Toole and Lucas, possessed a perverse penchant for rape, torture, necrophilia and cannibalism. As part of his indoctrination into the “Hand of Death”, Lucas alleged that he was trained in the finer aspects of abduction, arson and murder at a mobile paramilitary camp in the Florida Everglades. Tales of paramilitary camps training assassins-to-be is another murky area where intelligence agency spooks merge and blend with the shadowy world of cults — if indeed there is any substance to Lucas’ startling claims. According to Lucas, the cult murders he performed were more than just random snuffs, and included hits on politicians and foreign dignitaries. Stranger yet, Lucas claimed to be friends with Jim Jones of People Temple’s fame, a probable MK-ULTRA player/patsy. In this regard, Lucas accepted sole responsibility for delivering the actual cyanide to Jones used in the Guyana massacre.

To authorities, Lucas made reference to a cult operated ranch located in Juarez, Mexico, involved in drugs and Satanism that was allegedly connected to a series of ranches throughout Mexico. It should be pointed out that these revelations — courtesy of Lucas — were made several years before the Matamoros atrocities became public record. According to Lucas, the Juarez ranch cult included in their ranks several members of the Mexican Federales, in addition to one member in high standing of the Mexican branch of Interpol.

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2 Responses to “Ottis Toole: Manchurian Candidate?”

  1. > Toole — who was convicted of murder in Florida — had his own death sentence commuted by Dubya’s brother, Jeb.

    WRONG. His death sentence was reversed on appeal due to improper jury instructions. There were other cases where the State sought the DP but due to financial considerations these cases were not brought to trial. I was involved in the defense for these two SKs in 4 murders, where the State accepted their guilty pleas when they realized they couldn’t afford a trial. I have an UNRELEASED audiotape of Toole confessing to killing Adam Walsh. The investigating officer in Hollywood told me that John Walsh has never been cleared of complicity in this case. John Walsh did not want the police records released because it would have been devastating to his ability to haul in profits for FOX. His attorneys brought pressure to bear on the MSM and were successful in suppressing release of the sordid details of his and Reve’s lifestyle. Certain independent journos were subjected to more personalalized forms of coercion to ensure their silence.

  2. If the Walsh’s were involved in sordid stuff they could have crossed paths with Satanists and renegged on a deal or not fufilled a bargain or something. So it could have been a ‘hit’ on the Walsh family. These people are depraved and obviously living with the knowledge your son was tortured, raped, and beheaded is far worse than being killed yourself.
    This fits in with what Lucas said that he was doing ‘hits’ and that most killings werent random.

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