Big Elvis Sings Suspicious Minds!

~ by gorightly on December 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Big Elvis Sings Suspicious Minds!”

  1. I can see Big Elvis for free, almost every day. Thats one of the advantages of living in Las Vegas.


  2. Tim, you actually turned me on to Big Elvis a few years back in some article you wrote about fun stuff to do in Vegas. When I was in town for the Crash Retrieval conference a month or so ago I had plans to see the big fellow, but got in too late on friday, and didn’t realize he didn’t play on the weekends. So next time!

  3. Holy God. This is happening now? Where does he play?

  4. Holy God, is right…or the closest thing to it. Yes, Big Elvis (aka Peter Vallee — no relation to Jacques, as far as I know) performs Mon-Fri at Bill’s Gambling Hall & Saloon on the strip. Mr Bishop and I and the wifes had planned to go see the big one, as previously mentioned, but we got in too late on friday and had to suffer through a bunch of UFO devotees at the Crash Retrieval Conference the next day instead…But next time I’m there…he’s more info on Big E:

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