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Good Morning, Feasters of Bird:
Once again, it is that time of year we celebrate with bird sacrifices and other forms of merriment.  Because of this, I will be on the Untamed Grassy Knoll show speaking with Vyz and Adam Gorightly tomorrow night, Friday, from 10 to 11pm EST (7-8pm PST).  We will be discussing my recent trip to WV, where I met with recent Mothman witnesses, experimented with a “ghostbox” (a radio to the spirit world), and gave an in-depth interview to Europe’s most popular paranormal TV show, Voyager.  
Amazingly, the ghostbox verified that we had found the home of the mysterious Indrid Cold, the Man in Black keeping tabs (I think) on the Mothman events for the CIA.  The location (Midway, WV) seems to verify the outrageous tales of William Dean Ross, who claims that the NSA and NASA are studying, or perhaps developing (or “milking”) an interdimensional vortex as part of larger program (Bluebeam) whose object is to create a false return of Ezekiel’s Wheel and Jesus Christ (in league with “aliens”).  Interestingly, the area was once owned by George Washington and has a long Masonic history.  In fact, the troops that killed Chief Cornstalk, thus instigating the original “Mothman curse,” used Washington’s land to stage their attacks in and around Pt. Pleasant.
FYI, The Mothman’s Photographer III book has gone through the design process and should be up on Amazon around Christmas Day, which is also when the Voyager episode airs (check YouTube).
For your enjoyment, here is the trailer for the wonderful 1970s series Bigfoot and Wildboy:

Here is a delightful Thanksgiving poem from that great era of art, the 1980s, by William Burroughs. May you waft in the insouciance of the American spirit as it rings in the shopping season:

~ by gorightly on November 28, 2008.

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