Paranormal Geekend

This coming weekend is rife with paranormal and ufological happenings from the west to east coasts of this great land of ours. First off, conspiratorial colleague Kenn Thomas and I will be delivering a couple of brain tickling lectures at a League of Western Fortean Intermediatists (LOWFI) event in Los Angeles on October 19.

For more info, follow this link.

Meanwhile, our good friend Andy Colvin will be in Point Pleasant, W.V., being interviewed by a shadowy group of Italian filmmakers who are producing some sort of mysterious documentary on The Mothman. While in Point Pleasant, Andy will be interviewed by my “old” friend Vyzygoth for yet another episode in the classic series these two have had ongoing for almost three years now, focusing of course on Andy’s many investigations into those mothy realms. This recorded episode will be part of an upcoming marathon Vyz will be running over Libertas Media on Nov. 1st. I, as well, will make a live appearance (and recorded appearance) on this All Saints/Reformation Day Marathon. More info here:

On October 17, my pal Nick Redfern will be in Boston for the Mass UFO Show, as well as such stalwarts of the UFO scene as Budd Hopkins and his main squeeze,  Leslie Kean. The following day, on October 18, Nick, Tim Binnall and Loren Coleman will be among a number of speakers and guests at the Monster Mash, also in Boston. At that time, Binnall will no doubt be licking his wounds from the severe trashing and ultimate defeat his beloved Sox will suffer at the hands of the ‘Rays. Serves him right!

Then lastly, a very cool sounding UFO conference, The Culture of Contact, will be taking place in New York, featuring a host of swell speakers and artists, who include David Huggins, who has got down and dirty with more aliens dames than you can shake an anal probe at, and who will be exhibiting some of his cool alien-chicks-with-no-clothes-on-artwork there, not to mention the always charming Farah Yurdozu, UFO Hunter Bill Birnes, Peter Robbins and many more. This is one event I would really like to attend one of these days, as Jeremy Vaeni seems to go to great effort to put a fine and diverse Ufological program together. (However, Bud Hopkins will not be in the house!)

One of Huggin’s alien lovers

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  1. I’ve bedded worse 🙂

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