Secret and Suppressed II

Secret and Suppressed II

Banned Ideas and Hidden History into the 21st Century
Edited by Adam Parfrey and Kenn Thomas
277 pages • 5.5 x 8.5 • ISBN: 978-1-932595-35-2
Price: $17

Just in time for the presidential election, Secret and Suppressed
II’s new revelations — Newspeak, The Illuminated, Parascience, and
The Controllers — illuminate the paranoid and nightmarish post-9/11

Contributors: Robert Anton Wilson, Jim Hougan, Paul Krassner, Mae
Brussell, Adam Weishaupt, Jim Marrs, Joseph P. Farrell, Mike Bara,
Craig Heimbichner, Richard Sauder, Joan D’Arc, Al Hidell, Jay
Weidner, Col. Fletcher Prouty, Adam Gorightly, Harry Helms, Mark
Bruback, Douglas Hawes, William W. Flint, Jerry E. Smith, Robert
Sterling, David Martin

Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression by David Martin
The Mind of Mae Brussell by Paul Krassner
The Evil Feedback Loop: Mae Brussell Interviewed by Conspiracy Digest

Who Was Adam Weishaupt? by Mark Bruback
Occult Theocrasy by Lady Queenborough
Weishaupt Meets Wilson by Robert Anton Wilson
From Diogenes’ Lamp by Adam Weishaupt
The Idiots Guide to the Cryptocracy by Craig Heimbichner
Brotherhood of the Gun by Craig Heimbichner
Holy War, Ground Zero by Adam Parfrey
Occult Nashville by Jim Marrs
Tiffany Overtakes Tuesday Weld by Adam Gorightly and Douglas Hawes

Are Aliens and the Technology Underground and Undersea? by Richard
The Secret History of NASA by Mike Bara
The Darwin Wars by Joan D’Arc
Wilhelm Reich, Eisenhower and the Aliens by Kenn Thomas
Secret Weather Wars by Jerry E. Smith
The Bussard Fusion Reactor and its Detractors by William W. Flint

The Next Vietnam by Colonel Fletcher L. Prouty
Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple by Jim Hougan
Exposing the Nazi International: An Analysis by Joseph P. Farrell
Lingering Questions About 9/11 by Harry Helms

Paranotes by Al Hidell
Ohio Vote-Rigging Convictions
The Green Scare
Thought-Crime and Punishment
This Apple Isn’t Green
The Big iPod is Tracking You
Tougher Nuke Plant Security Standards Nixed
Bloggers Behind Bars
Cell Phone Genocide
Timothy McVeigh: Lost and Found
Lobbying “Reform” Sham
The Real U.S. Attorney Scandal
TB-Infected Lawyer Evaded Homeland Security
Homeland InSecurity
Brits Caught Up in “Shadowy War”
Wal-Mart Paid me to be Paranoid
Global Pedophile Ring Broken
Washington Pedophile Ring Intact
The Price of Loyalty
The “Gay Bomb”
Subprime Scapegoats
Fuzzy Math
More Fuzzy Math
Dollar Collapse Danger
Chinese Embrace Conspiracy
Subliminal Science
Air Force Official Found Dead
A Billion Here, a Billion There
Microchip Health Hazard
“Welcome to Islamberg”
McCain and Hillary’s Occult Connections
Obama’s Cousin Accused of Ethnic Cleansing
The Next Bubble
The Doomsday Seed Vault
“Smiley-Face” Serial Killings
Tens of Thousands Covered Up
Iraq Commander Details Bush Rant

Electronic Votescam by Robert Sterling
The Culling by Jay Weidner

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Demons From The Far Side of Truth

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