Terror Blu at “The Groovy Age of Horrors”

While surfing them internets awhile back I stumbled upon a groovy little blog called, fittingly enough, The Groovy Age of Horrors, devoted to some of the wildest horror comics from the 60’s and 70’s that I never even knew about until the groovy age of horror guy made it so. Below is one of the old psycho comics featured at the blog, which was Terror Blu, a completely insane Italian rag from back in the day that featured a common theme on each and every cover, as well as within its gaudy pages: that of bare breasted babes being harassed by one-eyed monsters and the like, which from my perspective was quite a groovy thing to do horror-wise.

Follow this here link for one such example focusing on Terror Blu at that there Groovy Age of Horror blog, dear freinds.

Unhand her, you alien shitbags!

~ by gorightly on October 9, 2008.

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