Palin Claims That Jesus Had A Pet Dinosaur!

Read all about it here.

~ by gorightly on October 5, 2008.

23 Responses to “Palin Claims That Jesus Had A Pet Dinosaur!”

  1. This is the best picture I’ve ever seen!!!

  2. So, this is the cover of the new Flying Sorcerers album?

  3. Maybe Jesus had a chia pet and a pet rock too.

  4. Sarah sent me

  5. Do you come in peace?

  6. Wow… That is funny considering that( I think) is a Velosoraptor… (also forgive my spelling)

  7. “Palin Claims That Jesus Had A Pet Dinosaur”. It must be true since a politician said it.

  8. Wait till its mama shows up…

  9. ok that if *** awsome totaly gonna win my youth group contest!!!

  10. I always saw two sets of footprints in the sand. I knew it was Jesus and yada yada yada. Then one day, I saw dinosaur footprints, and I was like “What the Hey?” and Jesus was all like “That’s my dinosaur. He’s cool. Want a ride on him?” and it was pretty sweet. Amen.

  11. this is a pretty cool idea. After all, if the Christians are right and Jesus is who he claimed to be, he made all of them anyway.

  12. No, God made them. Jesus just filled out the paperwork.

    • Gen. 1 says that God spoke an the word went forth and created. John 1 says that “in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God” it also says that the “word was made flesh” if this it true then Jesus the son of God was not only present but active in the creation events.

  13. dinosaurs are in the bible, the dragon, the behemoth,the flying serpents, the great sea monsters (or creatures), the leviathan etc. the word dinosaur don’t show up in the dictionaries until the 1800’s. they were called dragons (not the dragons of mythology but the real deal,

  14. Jesus said, “Suffer the little reptiles which came before me, and forbid them not to come into the kingdom of heaven.”

  15. The Palin does crack, and you would have to be stoned out of your mind to believe that pic. Another revision of history.

  16. That pic is freakin hilarious.
    But, where’s the connection that Palin said, “Jesus had a pet dinosaur.”?

  17. I just make stuff up.

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  20. Woa Nellie, checkout

  21. wew..
    si jesus pnya hwan piaraan,
    genddeng pisan wwuy,

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