The Many Moods of Walter Mercado

While having lunch the other day in a local tacqueria, a TV in the corner was tuned to Univision — the popular Mexican broadcasting network. On the set was Primer Impacto (First Impact) a pseudo news program, which like most U.S. TV news programs these days has crossed the line between hard news and entertainment – infotainment, as they call it.

For some reason this popular trend of mixing news with entertainment at first bothered me, probably because I grew up in an era where a “newsman” was a newsman, by god!, and he wore a suit and tie and spoke in authoritative monotone and was, above all else, serious and even grave, when the occasion called for it. But of course this old paradigm has been tore asunder by the various networks, largely CNN initially, with non-tie wearing anchorman and anchorwoman that are incredibly easy on the eye. Anyway, I got over it, and really don’t give a crap anymore, because the major networks feed us a bunch of crap anyway, in my opinion, so why not pepper it with lame attempts at humor and hot looking chicks. That’s where Univision, Telemundo, and the other Mexican networks come in. They’ve pumped up the sex and fun factor in their newscasts to the nth degree, which is the Mexican television way! One such show is the aforementioned Primer Impacto, co-hosted by the eye popping Barbara Bermudo, who I don’t have to understand a darn thing she’s saying to know that anytime B.B.’s on the screen she has more to offer than a thousand Anderson Cooper’s putting on airs like he’s the second coming on Edward R. Murrow with perfectly trained hair.

The bodacious Barbara Bermudo

But what really intrigued me about the “newscast” was what appears to be a recurring segment on the show with this astrologer lady (or guy), I’m not sure which, who decks himself (or herself) out in some of the wildest threads this side of Liberace in Vegas. I first saw this astrologer many years ago while flipping through the channels and at that time was torn as to the sexual identity of this guy (or gal), much in the same way that Saturday Night Live back in the day had that character called Pat. When I was saw this astrologer dude (or dudette) several years ago, I assumed then it was a guy all dolled up in makeup and decidedly queer as a 3 dollar bill. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) But then seeing he/she the other day, now I was almost certain it was some beyond middle age gal with enough makeup on her face to keep the cosmetics industry thriving for years to come. Later, upon returning home, I got on that ol’ internets and discovered it was indeed a dude in them fruity Liberace robes selling his astrology to the Mexican masses. The effeminate astrology dude in question is none other than Walter Mercado, who you can read all about in this wiki page, so I won’t bore you with the details, but I will include a series of photos of this strange cat for your possible viewing enjoyment!

And now, the many moods of Walter!

~ by gorightly on September 25, 2008.

10 Responses to “The Many Moods of Walter Mercado”

  1. I have seen this guy for years on Mexican TV. It took me a long time to figure out it was a guy.

  2. I don.t watch Primier Impacto daily but on Sept27,2009, i was watching it there was a story of a person by the name of Andrea she heals people with any kind of sickness and lives in Los Angeles i need info. Walter is great.

  3. i will like to know were can i fine walter mercado his magazine 2010 in puerto rico were i can bye it thank you for help me …….

  4. I heard a lady in univision radio in San Antonio Texas and went to see her…SHE IS AWESOME!! She can really tell you stuff! Check out her website think she’ll soon be in Primer Impacto…will she replace Walter?

  5. I HAVE to reply to this. It’s sooo funny to me that as a Latino growing up in the U.S. all my “macho” uncles from Mexico and the states would make everyone shut up when Waler cam on t.v. It didn’t make sense to me since they were all pretty much homophobes. NOT WHEN WALTER WAS ON. Thanks for your blog entry.

  6. Walter is a goddess!

  7. q hermosas piernas q tenes te la doy toda me calentas un monton me gustaria conocerte agregame asi hablmaos.

  8. He/she was born in Ponce!
    What beautiful cosmic appropriateness . . .[if that is indeed a word . . .well, it is now. . !]

  9. Nesesito comunicarme. Con usted si

  10. Quine va hangar America vs Cruz azul

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