The Chicks Dig Bigfoot

The chicks dig Bigfoot, no doubt about it. Not only because he’s well hung, but the guy can cut a rug like it’s nobody’s business. There’s also an artistic side to the big lug, as seen in this photo below featuring Bigfoot engaged in expressionistic dancing with a human female partner.

~ by gorightly on September 3, 2008.

17 Responses to “The Chicks Dig Bigfoot”

  1. It would be entertaining if it really were a Sasquatch, instead of a giant panda doing a handstand.

    I’ve often wondered if this is a bit of photoshopped fun-fakery, or was someone in the Chinese ballet working out with a Ailuropoda melanoleuca?

  2. That’s not a real girl. I can see the zipper…

  3. so cooll….

  4. you guys are gay fags of course it’s not real you panda dick suckers

    • haha i kno riight this is just soo gay lol and soo nott hott cause for a fact i dont dig it lol and ima girl i think its kinda lame!!!!!!!!!!

  5. yb, don’t be hatin’

  6. not real

  7. Brilliant deduction, Watson!

  8. that is so fake ; that is a panda not bigfoot and that is not a real girl !

  9. thats a photoshopped picture of an upside down panda bear idiot.

  10. just because it’s photoshopped doesn’t mean you need to call the panda bear an idiot

  11. This is NOT photoshopped, it’s real.

  12. wow… thats funny

  13. Stupendous

  14. whoaa,thanks yall guys..i would hve never guessed that was an upside down panda bear..for real,im retarded.I even tried to sit upside down to see it better.but it looks like the panda bear is raping the chickiee.

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  16. i can;t believe this are they just real or am i dreaming…………………………………………..tell me it true or where on earth did that originated from.

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