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                      SATURDAY, APRIL 26 and SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 2008


Whether you believe in UFO’s or not, RETRO UFO (3) will take you beyond the typical UFO lecture hall of a hotel conference room and into a new, and nostalgic way of viewing the UFO phenomenon that has intrigued thousands for a millennia.





The event is presented in tents and canopies on the grounds of the World Famous Integratron. Speakers will lecture, share their stories and experiences about Giant Rock, The Integratron, Crop Circles and the latest UFO’s information. Many of these stories will show how a small group of men and women impacted a region of the Mojave Desert and made history, often compared in scale to the stories of Roswell, New Mexico.


The original events of The Giant Rock Spacecraft Conventions ended well over 30 years ago. Returning for its third year, Retro UFO (3) has more speakers and programs designed to excite memories and feelings of this nostalgic era of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. At the event this year we’ll explore the UFO movement and the pioneers that paved the way for current UFO believers.


One of the earliest pioneers of that movement was George Van Tassel. George, his wife Eva, and their three daughters lived under Giant Rock, once considered a sacred space to early American Indians. Once known as the largest free standing boulder in the world until its split in February of 2000, Giant Rock and surrounding areas are presently owned and cared for by the Bureau of Land Management.


It was George and his family during the period of the 1950’s to the 1970’s who hosted Spacecraft Conventions at Giant Rock Airport in the Mojave Desert. Eva, his wife became famous for serving hamburgers and apple pie from her restaurant, The Come On Inn. Records show that Howard Hughes would fly into Giant Rock Airport just to enjoy a piece of Eva’s apple pie. Crowds of thousands gathered from the late 1960’s to the mid 70’s to hear Contactees tell their stories and to share their UFO experiences. George himself, a Contactee would channel messages and talk about boarding a spaceship and meeting “space people” who shared information with him on how to build the Integratron, an Electro-static generator that was to be used for the cellular rejuvenation of humans.


Many of the original Contactees who participated in the Spacecraft Convention of the 60’s and 70’s have passed on, however a small group still remain and will be at Retro UFO (3) to share their stories. On Saturday, April 26, and Sunday April 27 modern day enthusiasts such as Kenn Thomas, Nick Redfern, Paul Kimball, Ralph Ring, Barbara Lamb, Greg Bishop, Alexandra “Chica” Bruce, Adam GoRightly and a host of others will share their present day experiences and research.


Sharing personal upclose experiences for their third year will be Rev. Robert Short and wife Shirley, both original attendees of the Giant Rock Conventions. Our Master of Ceremony, Guy Malone, of the 2007 Roswell Festival will be introducing speakers and adding his own special touches to the festivities.


Not only does Retro UFO (3) offer lectures by well known and reputable speakers, we’ll also be offering for the third year a historical recreation of George Van Tassel by Lloyd Noel, The Morongo Basin Historical Society, Vice President. The PioneerTown Posse, also a local favorite will present a short drama on, “What does a Cowboy do when he sees a UFO… shoot it?” Other demonstrations on how the Integratron was intended to work by Bob Benson, exhibits by local artists, music, vendors, SoundBaths, prizes for the Best Costume and Who Builds the Best Aluminum Foil Hat will round out some of the festivities for the weekend.


Also planned is an evening program featuring Zamora, The Torture King (His Las Vegas name by the way), And the Movie Farewell Good Brothers along with a laser light show all projected on the Dome. (Weather permitting)


This year Retro UFO (3) promises to be the most exciting and FUN to date. This conference is sponsored by Barbara and Rob Harris of Adset Graphics, both are also passionate supporters of The Integratron and Giant Rock. This event is gaining in popularity, and space is limited. The intention of this conference is to awaken old memories of the past, and allows us to be a little nostalgic for a simpler time. By combining information from the past with new and modern philosophies of the present we begin to create our own history taking the UFO movement into new undiscovered directions.

To be part of this new history contact us at:

or call


or email







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