Batgirl: Too Torrid For Tots?

Found the Batgirl photos here. It is imperative that you click on photos  to enlarge.

~ by gorightly on February 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Batgirl: Too Torrid For Tots?”

  1. Yvonne Craig was very attractive young woman in the 60’s. Her appearance on Star Trek as Marta as one of the original TV psychotic and homicidal sex kittens was quite risque for the TV sensors. Can’t let the world know that the females of the species are far more dangerous than most of the warrior males.

  2. Yeah, Yvonne was smokin’ as that psycho green chick on Star Trek…and that sounds like a great name for an all girl band: “The Homicidal Sex Kittens”

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