Velvet Elvis Meets Jesus!


~ by gorightly on January 1, 2008.

8 Responses to “Velvet Elvis Meets Jesus!”

  1. “Jevis”

  2. …or Jesus Presley.

  3. Note the larger, brighter halo…

  4. You know, I hadn’t noticed that larger, brighter halo until you mentioned it. But I’m sure it had something to do with Elvis’s singing, since we all know that Jesus couldn’t carry a tune…I guess what I’m trying to say is that rock stars rate bigger halos.

  5. Do you own that painting? My favorite (which was stolen, lost, or something) was Barney Rubble on velvet, which I purchased at Bedrock City, near the Grand Canyon about 15 years ago. Another favorite (which I DIDN’T buy, dammit) was a giant Jesus standing over and blessing two eighteen-wheelers which I sighted in a Stuckey’s store in New Mexico.

  6. I WISH I owned this Velvet Elvis vs. Jesus painting, but it was just somehting I happened upon while surfin’ the net.

    I envy you your lost Barney Rubble painting and long to see the Velvet Jesus blessing those 18 wheelers at the Stuckey’s.

    What someone needs to paint is a Velvet Britney Spears as The Madonna…and K-Fed as Jesus Christ?

    Pardon me now, I have to go and google more velvet paintings to see what’s “out there”…

  7. Ha! I love it, great work…

    I find it disturbing?! somehow, maybe cause it’s stange to see Jesus as a white man!

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