Devil Girl of the Month, Jan 2008


Though we wish her well on the road to recovery, Lindsay Lohan certainly deserves a place in the ”Devil Girl of the Month” club. More often than not we here at the Untamed Dimensions Radio Network tend to go old school on ya when choosing each month’s winner, strutting out devil gals from “back in the day.” In fact, those Devil dames from bygone years possessed a certain esprit de corps that current day Devil Dolls can’t touch with a ten foot broomstick. (Jenna Bush notwithstanding!)

But Lindsay, ah lovely Lindsay, with that far away look and fashionably mussed up hair. The way she wields a knife and tosses back shots of Tequila brings back a spirit and restlessness from that golden age of pagan ritual. Besides, I wanted to find some reason to post these pictures!

Below is Lindsay with her devil girlfriend!



I have a feeling this will be a good year for Devil Girls!

~ by gorightly on January 1, 2008.

18 Responses to “Devil Girl of the Month, Jan 2008”

  1. Fancy trailer, even has a staircase.

  2. Quite the wet bar, too.

  3. …always to be found in such fancy trailers. Like those very big knives.

  4. I am utterly shocked. It is sad isn’t it? Man if I EVER saw one of my Daughters looking like that I would beat the shit out of her, lock her in the closet and deprogramme her till she saw the error of her ways homosexuality and all.. Thank God, i have not had to do that… sheesh,, Her Mom should be the one that is terrified for the life of her daughter.. Where are the good Mom’s these days? The one’s that care n stuff?

    • You’re definatelly not a good parent if you think what you just said would be a good thing to do to another human being.

      • You “definatelly” shouldn’t be posting on comment boards if you got all the way to hitting the “submit” button and STILL didn’t see the GLOWING RED LINE under “definatelly”!!


  5. Amen!

  6. Shut the hell up christian faggot.
    Die and rot you filthy being.

  7. Cool blog here. Just for the record though i think thats a lookalike and not the real Lindsay Lohan.

  8. u r ghey, lucyfelt

  9. so nasty……….

  10. I agree on it being a look-a-like. Does lindsey have a lazy left eye? half her lid is shut!

  11. Lindsay! i love you!!!!!!!

  12. […] Devil Girl of the Month, Jan 2008 January 2008 15 comments 4 […]

  13. Cute! Barlow

  14. Fuck the age is 20 Lunatics

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