Mothman Photographer Update

 This just in from my friend Andy Colvin, The Mothman Photographer…

 Hey everybody, here’s an update:

Life has been hectic. Editing continues on The Mothman’s Photographer 
III book, which is  due out this Spring. This one is going to focus 
on recent paranormal Mothman happenings in the western United States. 
Several experiencers from Seattle will be in it. Estimated length: 
500 pages.  This book will take us out of the conspiracy realm (where
  Mothman gives clues about creeping fascism) and into the spiritual 
realm (where Mothman gives clues about the nature of reality).

My fourth Mothman book will begin next year, and will be co-written 
with hip cultural historian Adam Gorightly!
Scroll down to see my previous interviews with Adam…

The second edition of The Mothman’s Photographer II is now out and 
available on Amazon
The eye on the cover has changed to red, signaling the arousal of The 
Garuda as it passes in and out of the collective unconscious.

On Dec. 16th of this month (Dec.), I will be appearing on the Ghostly 
Talk Paranormal  Show, at 8PM EST. 

I will be talking about items not covered in the 24 hr. series I did 
with Grassy Knoll. This might include things like the mall and church
  shootings last week, which were obviously meant to add a tinge of 
terror to the holiday shopping season (and induce support for 
airportlike high-security malls, as well as some kind of action in 
Iran – and inaction with regards to the atrocities of Blackwater 
). They also had the effect of making us forget that Scooter Looby 
is dropping his appeal and is now and forever a convicted felon.  But
  who cares?  Let’s shop!

Here is that link to the Ghostly Talk archives, where you can find 
the talk I gave at this year’s Mothman Festival:

Here is a link to The Grassy Knoll Radio Show, which has officially 
taken a sabbatical.  However, all the talks are available for 
purchase.  My Mothman series of interviews is at the top of the list 
(scroll down past T-shirt).  We were the longest running series on 
the 5-yr. show, and one of the most popular.  The interviews on 
Grassy Knoll also appear in transcription form in The Mothman’s 
Photographer II and III books.

Yours in flight,


Brain, Clay Center, Charleston, WV  2007

~ by gorightly on December 11, 2007.

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