Lord Love A Duck

Tuesday Weld, some have suggested,  is (or was) an Illuminati High Priestess and that Lord Love A Duck was a vehicle she used to indoctrinate the masses to drugs and bare asses to usher in the Age of Aquarius, the Summer of Love, and a New World Order Agenda.

 Whatever the case, enjoy this clip…

And for more on the Tuesday Weld Psychedelic Illuminati Conspiracy go here and here

~ by gorightly on December 5, 2007.

7 Responses to “Lord Love A Duck”

  1. There’s a definite ‘creep’ factor after seeing the movie, that’s for sure.
    IMHO, I think the questions should have been directed at Mr. Axelrod and Mr. Hine, its author. Unfortunately, they’re dead.

  2. I’ve loved this movie for years. Maybe “love” isn’t the right word, but I’ve seen it probably half a dozen times over the years and it’s been on my list of weird films I like.

    (nothing to do with this, but Adam, have you seen The Ruling Class, and if so, what did you think?)

  3. Regan, I haven’t seen The Ruling Class, but just looked it up on IMDb…

  4. Adam, you should rent it if you can find it. We just watched it again; the first time was when it came out, in the 1970s — and it still works, holds up. It’s dated stylistically but it’s still a great movie.

  5. This clip is fake, right? As in spliced together from randomly selected bizzare shots from at least 10 different movies, right? If not, I have to see this flick post-haste. One thing I’m wondering about: did he grease the guy in the wheelchair using the bulldozer? And if not, why?

  6. No, the clip is a genuine Tuesday Weld Illuminati mindfuck all taken from the movie “Lord Love A Duck”.

    You’ll just have to watch the flick yourself to see if the guy in the wheelchair got greased!

  7. I received the following email from David:

    Hi Adam,

    Love your podcasts. I rented the movie Lord Love a Duck and wanted to point out a couple of Tuesday tidbits that you may be interested in.

    In the opening credits if you check out the main titles when they show Tuesday’s name there is a drawing etching that I can’t identify but it is of a female with a bobby type hat nipple exposed, black armband sitting on a throne. Tuesday is the only one of the characters in the main title that they use a picture like this. You can check it out on You Tube.

    In the film scene you mentioned the Charlie Manson type character dancing on the beach. I rented the film and concur with you and also noted that when they cut to the boat off shore and the guy in the captains uniform and binoculars and the women in the bathing suit laying down struck me as Ron L Hubbard (who had an affinity captains uniforms) the women, a long shot I know, perhaps Marjorie Cameron?

    This film, George Axelrod’s first and only film he ever directed. Axlerod was the writer for the Manchurian Candidate screenplay. The book was written by Al Hine .

    Just some tidbits I thought you might find interesting about this rather strange film.


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