Greg Bishop Outed on Untamed Dimensions

A truly great and courageous American citizen, Robert Sterling of “The Konformist”, appeared on my show today and revealed the shocking evidence he has uncovered which proves–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that Greg Bishop, author of “Project Beta”, is a CIA disinfomation agent. The interview can be listened to, in its entirety, at the following link:

I commend Mr Sterling for having the fortitude to step forward and blow the whistle on an individual I once considered a dear friend, but who it now has been revealed was pulling the wool over ALL of our eyes. 

And although Mr Sterling is not one to toot is own horn, I want to publicly note that not only has he put his own life on the line by outing Bishop, but that he also oversees his own ministry, which helps wayward young women to get right with the lord, and set themselves upon the path of salvation. Below are just a few photos featuring Rev. Sterling with some of the women he has helped shepard back into good graces of our heavenly father.


~ by gorightly on October 27, 2007.

10 Responses to “Greg Bishop Outed on Untamed Dimensions”

  1. Further, I applaud the Reverend’s courage, plunging himself into this noble work knowing well the danger, and yet disregarding the false appearance, of impropriety and controversy it surely would cause. Bravo, sir, BRAVO!!! We need MORE men such as you with the courage and conviction you show in these photos, and which your scurrilous enemies will no doubt try to twist the meaning of and use against you. To know all this and yet fearlessly render your assistance to these unfortunate women brings a tremor to my lip and a tear to my eye, and if you should ever——EVER, I say——require my assistance in this great work you are doing, you may contact me posthaste and forthwith.

  2. Brother Duncan,

    On behalf of Reverend Sterling, I sincerely thank you for your encouragement during these times of great tribulation, and for your unselfish offer to assist Rev. Sterling’s ministry in his noble efforts to unleash the oceans of love that are pent up in us all. In fact, after seeing the photos of these unfortunate women that the good reverend is working tirelessly to save, I heard a calling to join the ministry myself, so that I, as well, could have an opportunity to personally meet these poor souls and lend them a shoulder to lean on. It is just this type of heavenly comforting that enriches us all, and glorifies us in the eyes of our Father.

    Yes, your offer of help, Brother Duncan, does not fall on deaf ears. These are difficult times and the financial impact of helping these unfortunate souls is great. Rev. Sterling has spent his life savings helping to snatch these fallen angels from the arms of Satan himself, and if his ministry is to survive it will take the support of good Christians like yourself to come to his aid. Perhaps the easiest way to lend your support for Rev. Sterling is by sending him a goodwill “love offering” at the address listed on his website at

    But if you really wish to make an impact upon the lives of these unfortunate women, I urge to join the “Adopt A Wayward Angel” Campaign. We have several options from which to choose. Starting with a donation of $100, you will become a “Wayward Angel Sponsor” and receive a series of photos of your adopted “Angel” along with a personal testimonial telling how your “Angel” fell from grace, and how she has now, through the good graces of Rev. Sterling’s ministry, been able to set aright her life.

    And, if you wish to take your heavenly love up another notch, you can join the next level of “Wayward Angel” adoption. A donation of only $1000 will provide you with the opportunity to became a “Wayward Angel Protector” and visit your very own adoptee at our Christian home for women in Sparks, NV., which we have named the “Wayward Angel Ranch”. Here you will have an opportunity to meet your “Wayward Angel Adoptee” in a one-on-one setting and lend her counsel and comfort during the course of your stay. An additional donation of $500 dollars will provide you with the opportunity to baptize your “Wayward Angel” in one of the many baptismal Jacuzzi’s located in their rooms.

    God speed to you, Brother Duncan!

  3. I have listened to the podcast and searched the net for more information, but without knowing what the evidence about Bishop and the CIA is, I see no reason to accept the Konformist allegations. I read Project Beta and have personal contacts within the field of UFOology, and I find Bishop’s account credible. Anybody who pays attention to fringe topics should be aware of how personal feuds often take directions like this, ending with lawsuits and litigation. For now, I view this as overblown. Without evidence, there is no story here.

  4. X-Man,

    Robert Sterling has just posted the following on his konformist blog:

    “After speaking to high-powered lawyers this week retained by Greg Bishop, alleged CIA disinformation agent, I regret to inform all Konformist readers that I am unfortunately unable to currently provide the evidence of his ties to the CIA until I retain counsel over the legal proceedings which are currently being launched against me. Hopefully, this matter will be taken care of soon…”

  5. You dudes are crazy.

  6. Has success spoiled Robert Sterling? Ever since his recent move to Las Vegas, the former gadfly darling of the konspiracy set has paraded his debauchery before the serious students of parapolitics; held former cohorts up to ridicule and scorn; has done little more than cut and paste lefty opinion rags to present as part of “his” newsletter and has mumbled incoherently about how the konspiracy world has “changed”. How is this different than it ever was? In subtle ways, perhaps, but clearly Mr. Sterling has been emboldened by his displacement from the celebrated center of all American kulture (LA) and has taken on the corrupt characteristics of the land of Bugsy Siegel. Rumor has it that these recent charges against Greg Bishop come from the descended remnants of the Meyer Lansky’s organization in an attempt to deflect its co-optation of this former great kommentator on konspiracy. This also goes a long way in explaining where Rob is now getting his bucks AND his babes.

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  8. Happy 44th B-DAY to Greg Bishop, well done gents!

  9. I’ve been informed that Mr. Bishop and Rev. Sterling will be having a show down tomorrow night on Bishop’s web radio show at

    Be sure to tune at 8PM Pacific so you don’t miss the fireworks when these two heavyweights go toe-to-toe.

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