Jeff Turner’s Conspiratorial Cosmology


By far and away the most popular episode of Untamed Dimensions has been “The Secret History of the Summer of Love”, featuring the mind cracking theories of one Jeffrey Deane Turner, conspiracy theorist extroadinaire and alleged Tiffany stalker.


I first met up with Turner in  Santa Cruz, California a couple years back and subsequently wrote an article about the encounter for Steam Shovel Press magazine entitled “Tuesday Weld Is Watching You: The Shocking Truth of Occult Secret Societies in Santa Cruz!”

Turner’s conspiratorial cosmology revolves around 60’s sex kitten Tuesday Weld, who, Jeff contends, descended from a royal bloodline of Druid witches, and at a very early age had been selected as high priestess in the international Illuminati hierarchy. From this position of occult authority, Weld was able to wield great control over the 60’s counterculture, secretly influencing such luminaries as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, among other rock groups and movie stars of the era, meanwhile pulling the strings behind world events, exercising her occult influence in the realms of political intrigue.

For more on the Tuesday Psychedelic Illuminati Conspiracy, go here:

And here:

Below is a trailer from a forthcoming documentary featuring Mr. Turner entitled “I Think We’re Alone Now.”

~ by gorightly on August 14, 2007.

One Response to “Jeff Turner’s Conspiratorial Cosmology”

  1. lol this guys creepy especially after seeing the doccumentary about him and that thing.

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