Those Kooky Christian Album Covers

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It’s hard to believe this is real!


Those Kooky Christian Album Covers

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…but don’t get it too close to your hair!

Those Kooky Christian Album Covers

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Cosmic Trigger Play Fun Drive!

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For all you Robert Anton Wilson’s fans ‘out there’, Daisy Eris and her band of merry Discordian pranksters are in the home stretch for their Cosmic Trigger Play Fun Drive with 11 days left to help keep Bob alive. See the vid below to learn much, much more.

Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society Now Available!

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The most extensive collection in print documenting the Discordian Society’s wild and wooly legacy, Historia Discordia: The Origins of the Discordian Society features the unique worldview and wit of such illuminated iconoclasts as Robert Anton Wilson and Discordian founders Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley.

Chronicling Discordianism’s halcyon days, Historia Discordia presents a fun and freewheeling romp through rare photos, holy tracts, art collages, and fnords, many of which appear for the first time in print.

Included among the contents are such chaotic wonders as the 1st edition of Principia Discordia: How The West Was Lost, which no one has really seen for a long, long time—besides a handful of early Discordians back in the day. Also featured is Kerry Thornley’s The Honest Book of Truth, another rare and hardly seen holy tract that many thought never actually existed.

Here’s what Alan Moore has to say about Historia Discordia:

“Like communication-god Thoth with his yammering ape, like the all-important noise that Count Korzybski assures us must accompany our every signal, no harmony is possible without an acknowledgement and understanding of discord. Born from the bowling-alley epiphanies of Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley, its disruptive teachings disseminated through the incendiary writings of Robert Anton Wilson and other Eristic luminaries, the Discordian Society has unexpectedly become a landmark of gleefully aggressive sanity in a chaotic and incoherent world. Through this book, we can all involve ourselves in their gloriously constructive quarrel.”

Buy the book here!

Those Kooky Christian Album Covers

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Cosmic Trigger Play Crowdfunding

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Check out the Cosmic Trigger play website!

And show your support fnord here.



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